overlooking the channel islands, twenty seventeen


2021Group ExhibitionGlitchesReel Loud Film FestivalSanta Barbara, CA
2021Group ExhibitionUHS RetrospectiveCorner GalleryUkiah, CA
2021Solo ExhibitionNature ArtworkCorner GalleryUkiah, CA
2020Solo ExhibitionGlitchesCorner GalleryUkiah, CA 
2020Solo ExhibitionTacetCorner GalleryUkiah, CA 
2020Solo Exhibition6 Ft. ApartCorner GalleryUkiah, CA
2018Group ExhibitionPortraitsUCSB Glassbox GallerySanta Barbara, CA
2018Group ExhibitionImages of Isla VistaTHE BOX at IV TheaterIsla Vista, CA
2014Group ExhibitionUHS Annual ShowcaseCorner GalleryUkiah, CA

Exhibit photographed by
Madeline Miller

Exhibit photographed by
Lech Slocinski
Hana Consterdine
Olivia Consterdine

Unique Monotony:

Covid in the Springtime

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(COVID-19 Halftone Series)


(930 folds and 1 poem)

(inspired by Tomoko Fuse's origami globe Curves / Type-III)


(Ode to my Grandmother)

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a confession for my sister

Cello Journal:

A Collection of Cello Things

Calculus Chair:

Tangent Lines in 3D Space

(inspired by Asa Karner's Silk Chair)

In Process

(exploring the process/emotions of making)

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i document with photographs & words

Currently a fourth-year art/math double major at UC Santa Barbara, I create "moody, contemplative visual essays" that explore ways of seeing/documenting aspects of my world, from my relationships with music and making, to my familial roles as daughter/granddaughter/sister, to feminine identity, to processing this turbulent pandemic paradigm. By using Fluxus-inspired humor and documentation of daily rituals, I hope others can find some solace in these works.

In addition to photography and writing, I am interested in zine and bookmaking, origami, collage, embroidery, video, programming, and music.

I currently work as a private piano instructor and freelance graphic web designer. I've also created a number of educational presentations that combine visual art, math, and music.

Additional Projects
web design projects
education resources

Have a question about my work, piano lessons, or anything else? Email me at:


math + art presentations

acoustics of the cello (video)
science ambassador scholarship, 2016

video teaching resource, exploring the harmonic series with the cello

projective plane intro (video)
science ambassador scholarship, 2017

video teaching resource for junior high and high school geometry

collaborative origami (presentation)

presentation for a collaborative origami project, building teamwork and learning to interpret diagrams

coordinate system intro (presentation)

teaching resource to introduce plotting points on the cartesian plane, for junior high school math classes.

artist's number system (presentation)

introduction to generalized number systems and mathematical operations using color, for high school math classes.

fibonacci (presentation)

this presentation details the biography and mathematical contributions of leonardo de pisa, includes an interactive project which is based on the golden spiral

acoustics of the cello (presentation)

teaching resource describing sound, music, and the harmonic series, for high school-level math classes

web design projects

uproot artist coalition (2021)

Created a website featuring artists and events for the UCSB Uproot Artist Coalition

ukiah school of music (2020)

Redesigned the website for the Ukiah School of Music

ethan gander (2020)

Created a portfolio site for my musician friend Ethan Gander

personal/art website (2020)

Created this site for my art and other projects

access for all (2020)

Part of a team to create this UCSB Arts & Lectures site that highlights student and community-focused education resources. I created 71 pages documenting past events.

sky quilt (2020)

A site for a collaborative photo project, done during Summer 2020. This project was about hope/connection in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and CA wildfires.

the new norm (2020)

Part of the Online Student Ambassador team who to created this UCSB Arts & Lectures site for UCSB students. Site highlights student-focused virtual events. I used Wix dynamic data to manage events and collaborated with other students throughout the layout and visual design process.

unique monotony (2020)

In a layout-intensive project, I created a photo essay as a single-page website

simple eating (2019)

This is a basic Wordpress.com blog I created to keep track of my favorite recipes from family, friends, and the internet, as well as substitutions I can use in my restricted diet

Art 22 Projects (2018)

A hand-coded HTML/CSS webpage linking to the Javascript/p5js animations i created for the UCSB class Art 22.

video journal (2018)

Originally started for the UCSB class Art 32, i use this site as a repository for my experimental video projects.

photo journal (2018)

Originally started for the UCSB class Art 19, this Wordpress.com site uses the Rebalance theme and accompanying blogging features, and was modified using the classic editor.

gary's cabinets (2018)

I redesigned the website for Gary's Cabinets & Prehung doors in Lakeport, CA

career, technical education (2017)

I created the Career, Technical Education portion of Mendocino College's website. This included creating over 60 pages, and formatting text, links, images, and tables in HTML.

curriculum vitae

Dean's Honors for Spring 2020

Mentor for UCSB's Associated Women in Math pilot Mentor/Mentee program.

Created the photo essay "Unique Monotony: Covid in the Springtime"

Wrote a research paper on photographer Jeff Wall and postmodern pictorialism

Played "The Swan" in a cello recital organized by Chenoa Orme-Stone

Studied cello pedagogy with Chenoa Orme-Stone

Joined the website team for A&L's Online Student Ambassador(OSA) program and designed and maintained the student-focused site The New Norm. Collaborated remotely with a team and learned to use dynamic data.

Began teaching virtual piano lessons


Moved from Marketing to Event Staff for UCSB Arts & Lectures

Began teaching private piano lessons in Santa Barbara

Designed and launched this website

Attended the 25th New Directions Cello Festival at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

Played cello in quarterly UCSB Pops concerts:

Animated!, Galactic Hits, Pop of Color


Josephus Problem – mathematical research collaboration and paper.

Recipient of the Ostrow-Bruckner Honorary Scholarship, presented by the Math Department at UCSB.

Guest lecturer, interactive presentation given to Ukiah High School math and MESA classes about the Fibonacci series

Designed and launched website for Gary's Cabinets and Prehung Doors in Lakeport, CA.

Began working as Marketing and Graphic Artist Assistant at UCSB Arts & Lectures in Santa Barbara, CA.

"Portraits" group photographic exhibition at the UCSB Glassbox Gallery at UCSB

"Images of Isla Vista" group photographic exhibition at THE BOX in IV Theatre.

Recipient of the PG&E Latino ERG Scholarship

Recipient of the KeyPoint Credit Union Scholarship

Played cello in quarterly UCSB Pops concerts:

Time Warp, Encore!, Broadway Blast,

Played cello in an ensemble for the 27th Annual UCSB Reel Loud Film Festival

Played cello in the Ukiah Symphony Orchestra's "The Wizard of Oz"

Played cello and piano in the Ukiah School of Music's 25 Year Anniversary Showcase


Updated the Career, Technical Education website for Mendocino College; used HTML.

Tenth year teaching origami to fourth grade class at St. Mary's School.

Hosted a recital for my 12 piano students.

Recipient of the Allegro/Vogel Foundation Community Service Award for musical contributions.

Recipient of scholarship sponsored by MendoLake Credit Union.

Recipient of Community Foundation scholarship through Mendocino College.

Recipient of scholarship through MESA at Mendocino College.

Began classes at UC Santa Barbara, studying mathematics, cello, and art.

Created a teacher resource video on the projective plane for the Science Ambassador Scholarship

Began playing cello with the UCSB Pops Orchestra; played in the quarterly concert

8 bit Eighth Notes


Began playing cello with the Ukiah Symphony Orchestra

Science Ambassador Finalist, video project focused on the acoustics of the cello.

Guest lecturer, presented to local high school and community college math classes about the acoustics of the cello.

"Highest Honors" for 4.0+ GPA in the fall semester at Mendocino College.


Seal of Biliteracy, English and Spanish

Began teaching private piano lessons at The Ukiah School of Music in Ukiah, CA.

Began classes at Mendocino College, studying mathematics and music.

Guest lecturer to math classes at Ukiah High School and Mendocino College, created and gave a presentation on origami and collaboration.


The Calculus Chair – functional sculpture based on multivariable calculus

(wood, nylon rope, wood screws)

Honorable Mention for juried photography exhibition at the Corner Gallery in Ukiah, CA.

Winter Photo Contest – Staff Pick, Ukiah High School

Began rebuilding 100-year-old baby grand piano with my woodworker father.

Team captain and MVP, Ukiah High Girl's JV Soccer.

Began playing piano for the Redwood Valley Community Church worship band.

Began photographing for events at Redwood Valley Community Church.

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